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Safety in
‘The Psychedelic Renaissance’
We are evidence-based drug policy reform in order to bring better legal control of the production, Drug Supply chain distribution, cost-effective prescriptive purchase, and safety measures of therapeutics manuals for entheogenic and medical use of cannabis & psychedelic products. The harm reduction utilizing Ibogaine Therapy and other entheogens such as ayahuasca, psilocybin, DMT, Mescaline, and others currently in scientific research, for diverse indications for therapeutics applications for addiction and harm reduction research, are supported through our global technology partnerships in diverse GMP, GLP, GSP, GAP supply chain tracking mechanisms. Our policy advocacy aims for safety in use through legal medical accessibility and harm reduction related to its prohibition in the US policy, and drug safety regulatory model to reduce the harm, associated with criminalization, and minimize the risks to users.

About KRFI

KRFI was launched in 1989 by MyungHi Sonserai Lee to conserve and protect indigenous knowledge of medicinal plants for the advancement of the treatment of neglected diseases around the world.

KRFI is scientifically informed practice to policy, by evidence-based research, challenge reform, to prevent overdose deaths by prevention and Opioid Use Disorder/Substance Use Disorder (OUD/SUD) dependence with the discovery, development, and delivery of Ibogaine for addiction treatments. We have been committed to the development and research of traditional plant medicines for healing applications and has developed a Drug Master File for botanical drug for Ibogaine, and aims to develop through to the clinical trial stage.

KRFI develops traditional medicines and practices by securing intellectual property and land rights for the people and lands that originally provided medicine and knowledge. Biodiversity, sustainable sourcing, intellectual property protections, and access and benefit sharing are the tenets that inform our partnerships and product development. Our Research and Educational program develop the protection of the indigenous right to IP, and medical relief, in the present cultural context of the integrative health practices of entheogenic medicine.

Our Programs

Grounded in Science, Technology, Health, Compassion, and Human Rights

Public Education Outreach

Global Health Initiative 2030 public outreach aims to bring knowledge awareness campaign to reach the public with the purpose to collect, review, report, and publish laboratory testing results from our lab and republish data from our partnering organization's analytical data projects from worldwide.

Our goal is to bring illicit dangerous drugs' analytical report, and present safety issues of the regionally accessible drugs by individuals.
Know-Drugs.us and Know-Drugs.app aims to reach individuals with practitioners, and institutions for Opioid Use Disorder/Substance Use Disorder (OUD/SUD) treatment support. The individualized interactive guidance to the practitioners and institution engaged in OUD/SUD therapies leading in diverse healing modalities with tools and Recovery and Medical Rehabilitation.
Ibogaine & Psychedelics Clinical Trials
The Questors: Global Health Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) works globally with CTA partners with Ibogaine use for OUD/SUD therapeutics in diverse indications. Natural Products Psychedelics (Psilocybin, Medical Cannabis, and other) entheogenic medicines for Trauma and Depression aims to share the CTMS in a hyperledger as a tools to advance the current scientific progress. The Questors: Global Health CTMS aims to partner Ibogaine treatments for OUD/SUD in US FDA and global CTA regulatory agencies as partnership for a regional trial.
Drug Policy Coalition & Conservation Advocacy

KRFI's objectives on global G20 partners to join Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Blockchain platform into the critical regional partnership with an in-country coordinating mechanism (CCM) level, furthering the WHO Pre-qualification to bring pharmaceutical GMP security to support action to impact regional drug policy coalition with Opiate/Opioid GMP manufacturers for QA/QC, to adapt DSCSA as the global health drug security policy adaption.

KRFI' Global Health Initiative 2030 aims to bring the partnership to the regional level through the conservation of the Indigenous rights to Access Biological Sharing (ABS). The Power of Traditional Knowledge and evidence-based research of the entheogenic medical practices of the indigenous peoples, such as the use of therapeutic Ibogaine, and medicinal plants. KRFI

demands Access for Benefit (ABS) with individuals, partners with conservation programs, and adherence to the Nagoya Protocol and the UN Convention on Biological Diversity for the indigenous people. The global psychedelic policy is needed for the entheogenic psychedelic therapeutics as an individual seeking Ibogaine and manufacturers requires to partner with the agricultural conservation programs and create applicability of the 1.5% offset funds created to fund the indigenous communities' compensation, and win back loss of land, and required for compliance by the International Trade Council for the Ibogaine. KRFI aims for ABS for Ibogaine by global NGOs partnerships.

Practitioner Training
KRFI in collaboration with SAHMSA, aims to bring trainings for practitioners in working with OUD/SUD locally with Clinical Trial Applications (CTA) protocols, and training for integrated lab protocols of biomarkers through the AI/ML big data management, guided protocol use of Ibogaine and psychedelics, cannabis in an integrative medical treatments to support personalized healthcare solutions.

KRFI has global clinical protocol partners with social equity research programs working to bring detox, after-care and supportive treatment of Psychedelics (Psilocybin, Medical Cannabis, and other), as entheogenic medicines for PTSD, Trauma and depression for veterans, and individuals challenged with addiction. The OUD/SUD treatments seek to develop and utilize a patient base mental health therapeutics database in conjunction to HIPPA and EHRs guidelines.

Licensed and taxed drug distribution systems are less violent, less expensive, and more effective than prohibition.
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Every tax-deductible dollar contributed is donated by a community of people like you who are dedicated to KRFI's mission. This allows us to pursue the important and challenging task of advancing psychedelic research and promoting political, educational, and personal harm reduction initiatives.
Key Technologies
KRFI Global Health Initiative 2030 aims to implement technologies in partnerships for awareness campaigns, and efficient security platforms.
Biodiversity Conservation

Join us in the unified agreements leading to successful implementation to protect and conserve indigenous knowledge and support a sustainable model for biodiversity protection of the indigenous land for the production of native plants. We are setting the foundation to uphold the standards of global conservation, for ibogaine policy.

Sign the protocols with us and announce the calls on the international communities to support the indigenous communities to secure the lands and protect their cultures and medicinal plants.

Conservation comes with a progressive society, by conserving the indigenous traditions,

and working with the ancestral knowledge of our universal entheogenic medicinal healing.


Knowledge based educational approach to safe drugs

KRFI's Research and education program for the OUD/SUD prevention in our global community by conducting analytical reporting on know-drugs.app. Currently, unregistered, and illegally available drugs on the Know-Drugs.us website and Know-Drug.app aims to bring Quality reporting for the Public safety alerts and local reporting to safeguard the vulnerable.

  1. Drug Quality Report

Public outreach for Be Aware and Know-Drugs campaign is GPS guided, regional analytical data reporting unregulated illicit drugs in our hood for prevention and harms reduction.

Each member and participants is guided to prevent and predict the danger of the drug interactions, and their impact on human body. Diverse healing tools available for guidance in healing modalities.
3.Talk to our practitioners
We invite you to explore identifying an integrative practitioners who can guide you with pre/post OUD/SUD conditions for effective recovery.

Our training of practitioners to support the scientific research with spirituality, creativity and neuroscience of mental health. The practitioners are partnering in the global development of clinical research for safe psychedelics for medical applications of natural products and prescriptive medicine.

Our Practitioner network is available 24/7 for communication and support for identifying the best treatments, practitioners and the integrative rehabilitation clinics and support for the protocols.
Know-Drug.org aims to support the knowledge based illicit and commercially marketed products impacting the mental health of our community. The practitioners with the efficiency of EHR for communication are updated for schedules, modalities, reviews, and alternative therapeutic solutions.
We are a mental health and neglected diseases clinical research organization utilizing modern & socially responsible protocol innovations, and IFC trained practitioners leading the compliant & guided protocols.
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